Started with a problem

Ritual Light products were first created in 2010 when I started my journey of self-improvement for my mind, body, and soul. As an intuitive empath on a journey of growth, I was determined to remove as many chemicals and synthetic ingredients as possible from all aspects of my life. Then I ran into a difficult time finding personal care products that were natural AND worked AND compatible with melanin skin. That is when I started using my scientific and chemistry knowledge to handmake natural products for my skincare routine.


Discovered ancient rituals & recipes

I was also dedicated to spiritual growth so my journey was filled with hours studying ancient texts, learning from advanced teachers, learning about the principles of energy balance for the mind, body, and soul, and experiencing various ancient rituals from across the world. I started incorporating the practices, principles, and recipes I learned into the natural self-care products I made for myself. This had a huge impact.


Desperate for even skin tone

 A few years later I had to deal with several skin problems such as a pregnancy mask that would not go away, a belly that was 5 shades darker than the rest of my body after delivering my daughter, and hormonal changes that caused all kinds of hair and acne problems. So I did what I do best, create the solution to my problem. I started making natural products specifically to get even skin tone, even skin texture, remove dark spots, stop my hair loss and naturally nourish my skin.


From routine to meaningful ritual

I gradually went from using my products as a routine to creating more meaningful self-care rituals to help me find balance in life, reconnect with my inner self, bring more awareness to my body, love myself more, reduce stress, and stop being burned out mentally, emotionally and physically.


People started asking for it

When my friends, family, and co-workers noticed my transformation they would ask me to make them some of the same products I used. When the demand increased I decided that I would share my products with everyone but I did not want to be just another body butter or soap seller. I wanted people to experience the power of taking care of our bodies with love and gratitude while achieving our skincare goals. Self-care of the body also requires self-care of the mind and soul and from that principle, I gave birth to Ritual Light.


With Love and Light

Yana, Ritual Light creator